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Balcony glazing
The glassed glass balcony is a great place year round where you can spend your free time with family and friends. The balcony glass system is suitable for all balcony types and sizes. Balcony glass increases the value of your home and improves the appearance. Also, rain, snow and flying particles have no access to your balcony. The system does not contain any vertical profiles, which means that they do not change the appearance of the building, but provide extra shine and protect your balcony. This is a clear advantage for both the user and the buildings architecture.
Glass balustrade with an aluminium construction. Designed to combine light and modern appearance, durability and safety in use. We managed to achieve that thanks to a frameless glass fixing in which glass panes form a uniform structure. The balustrade finish may be modified depending on the customer’s needs.
Service at Proma glazed, Beason sliding doors and Norgestak
To ensure that the experience with your glazing of balkonies or winter garden will be as good as possible, we recommend you appointments a regular service / maintenance of this. We check every detail, lubricates the moving parts and replace worn parts as necessary. Need service on balcony glazing or winter garden, we have the necessary knowledgeable and experience to help you do it!

Stavanger Glassystemer AS is a registered company that offers glazing of balconies, winter garden and railings. Contact us for a casual offer! We also provide service and recommend that you have regular service and inspection to ensure that your experience with your glazing / winter garden is as good as possible.

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